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What is Dietopia?

Dietopia is a catalogue of dietary advice, sourced from all over the web. We’ve brought all the dietary trends under one roof so that you can find the best information regardless of which diet you follow. With the help of our users, we’ve reviewed and rated all the information we’ve come across. You can quickly find the highest-rated content, and avoid the misinformation and marketing scams. Read, listen, or watch – it’s up to you.

We don’t discriminate between diets, and neither should you.

Your nutritional needs are unique, a diet that works for one person may not work for you – it may even make you sick! That’s why finding the right diet advice for you is critical. And that’s why Dietopia is here, uniting the world’s dietary advice, so we can all discover what works for each other.

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...mental health issues related to diet like anorexia. Scary to think that they're suggesting it's use in the NHS. Lose the weight safely!
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Recent posts by us at Dietopia

Yes, we like to contribute too. We’re particularly proud of our ‘500 Words Or Less’ series, where we try to teach the basics of nutrition in concise (and hopefully entertaining) segments!

We’re bringing the worlds best nutritional advice all under one roof, and we don’t discriminate between dietary trends.

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Who’s behind Dietopia?

Dietopia is bought to you by Simple Nutrition – but you can call us Carl and Ryan.

Our philosophy on nutrition is simple; eat whole foods, prepare your own meals, and enjoy both. 

In the long term, our goal is to see the end of preventable metabolic disease like obesity and type II diabetes. We believe that education is the key to achieving this, and so we want to help you make the right food choices that will lead you away from disease, and towards vitality. 

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