Borlotti Bean Minestrone Hotpot [Recipe]

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Borlotti Bean Minestrone Hotpot

Follow the link below to find the recipe, it wouldn’t be fair of us to show it here and deny them the credit! We hope you agree.


Some ingredients to get you drooling:

Onion, Garlic, Celery, Carrots, Potato, Tin of Borlotti Beans, Tomatoes or Passata, Vegetable Stock, Stellette Soup Pasta.

Dietopia’s notes

This is a great little recipe to have saved in the go-to section of your brain. It’s easy to make and warm on those cold, winter nights – which seem to be lingering around outside my window right now. It also stretches easily to more people so it’s a great meal for the family.

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If you like Kate’s recipes (which I’m certain you will) then she’s recently released a cookbook, which I’m weirdly excited about owning soon, considering I enjoy plenty of meat in my diet.

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