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Ditch The Carbs


“I am a mum of 3 young children and a registered pharmacist. I wanted to retrain as a dietician or nutritionist so I could teach others what I have learnt. Sadly there are no low carb degree courses (other than the ones you ‘buy’ on line – avoid those). I would have to train learning the traditional low fat guidelines just to gain qualifications whilst doing my own LCHF research , it would have cost me $10,000’s, impacted incredibly on the family and I would have probably ended up working part time helping only a few people. So therefore, Ditch The Carbs was born. It has grown incredibly fast. It is the no.1 recipe website in New Zealand and Australia. I now also write for Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Diet Doctor.”

Dietopia’s notes

I completely understand Libby’s worries about retraining as a Dietician and having to adhere to the low-fat rules in order to become qualified, despite knowing of how shaky a concept the fat-demonisation is. It’s something I have been struggling with the idea of myself. We’re hoping Dietopia will serve as our way of helping people without the restrictions of a government looming over you.

The site is clean and well organised, with a nice balance between advice, recipes and research. They note The Big Fat Surprise as one of their favourite books, we’d like to add Good Calories, Bad Calories to their ‘must read’ list.

If you’re interested in starting, or even just learning, a Low-Carb High-Fat lifestyle then this is a great site to start with!

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