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Fit Kids for Life: A Parent’s Guide to Optimal Nutrition and Training for Young Athletes


“Fit Kids For Life covers common misconceptions regarding strength training for children. Kids can safely use resistance training to get fit for recreational activities and sports. Weight lifting allows children to build strength, prevent injury, and improve motor skills. Coaching tips, gender-specific workouts, and training programmes are included. Youll also find tips on pre- and post-exercise nutrition, staying hydrated while exercising, and healthy snacks.

Suzy Favor Hamilton will appear in her fourth Olympics in 2004. She is a six-time U.S. national champion in middle-distance events. At the University of Wisconsin, she was one of the most successful collegiate runners in NCAA history. Her popularity has led to cover stories about her in” Fitness “and “Runner’s World.”
Jose Antonio, Ph.D., is an exercise researcher and prolific author who has written five books and more than 300 articles on training and sports nutrition.
Stout earned his Ph.D. in exercise physiology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.”

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Dietopia’s notes

Two PhD recipients and an Olympic weight lifting athlete – those are credentials most nutrition books could only dream of. Resistance training is perfectly healthy for growing children and can help prevent issues in later life. It is important that their technique is correct though or it can have quite the opposite effect. The inclusion of Suzy Hamilton in the creation of this book means that you can rest assured the advised technique is optimal! We would advise that in addition to this you find some other videos on correct form so that you know what it should look like.

Growing teenagers need different a different nutritional balance to their diet, this book will help you address the most important micro-nutrients that they might otherwise be lacking.

We’re really interested to hear about this one as there aren’t many decent nutrition books focused on children so please rate and comment when you’ve read it!

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