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Dietopia-DescriptionsVegans don’t eat animal products like fish, meat, eggs, and dairy – they only eat plant derived foods, like fruits, nuts, beans and seeds.

The vegan lifestyle is controversial; powerful moral arguments combined with extreme dietary restrictions results in strong opinions on both sides of the fence. Find out more below, and come to your own conclusions.


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How to be a Healthy Vegetarian for Beginners [Video]

A simple breakdown of what you need to include in a vegetari...[Read More]


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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret [Documentary]

A documentary proposing the damage done to the planet by int...[Read More]


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B12 on a Vegan Diet [Video]

A quick video discussing the importance of B12 supplements o...[Read More]


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Vegucated [Documentary]

A guerilla-style documentary following the transition into a...[Read More]


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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead [Documentary]

A documentary following Joe Cross as he goes on a 60-day jui...[Read More]


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Food Matters [Documentary]

Propaganda and lies surrounding cancer-curing vitamins.

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