A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners [Blog Post]

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A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

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“A ketogenic diet (keto) is a very low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine. It has many potential benefits for weight loss, health and performance, but also some potential initial side effects.

A ketogenic diet is similar to other strict low-carb diets, like the Atkins diet or LCHF (low carb, high fat). These diets often end up being ketogenic more or less by accident. The main difference between strict LCHF and keto is that protein is restricted in the latter.

A keto diet is designed specifically to result in ketosis. It’s possible to measure and adapt to reach optimal ketone levels for health, weight loss, or for physical and mental performance.

On this page you can learn how to use keto to achieve your personal goals.”

Dietopia’s notes

We are a big fan of the Diet Doctor. His writing in informative and engaging, and his message is always clearly communicated.

The blog post in question is a perfect introduction to a ketogenic diet, and covers all you’d need to know as a beginner; the  keto benefits, what to eat, how to reach optimal ketosis (and know when you’re there), the potential side-effects, and how to fine-tune the diet to your needs. There’s plenty of linking to other of his articles too, in case you need more information on any of these aspects.

If a ketogenic diet seems a bit extreme to you, he’s also written a solid post on low-carb dieting for beginners.

If you want to take you’re understanding of a ketogenic diet to the next level, New Atkins For a New You is a great place to start, The Art And Science Of Low Carbohydrate Living is a little more advanced, and finally, Principia Ketogenica is for those die-hard academics out there!

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