The Ketogenic Diet & Other Therapies for Epilepsy [Podcast]

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The Ketogenic Diet & Other Therapies for Epilepsy


“Denise Potter, RD, CSP, CDE is a Ketogenic Dietitian with C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. On this call she discusses the following:

– the circumstances under which the ketogenic diet should be considered, and who is most likely to benefit from it
what the diet involves
what the likelihood of success is
theories as to why it works
risks (e.g. side effects, complications) and precautions
examples of meal plans
everyday tips to make the diet more palatable
an overview of the Modified Atkins Diet, Low Glycemic Index Diet, and Medium Chain Triglyceride Diet”

Dietopia’s notes

We know a few people that struggle with epilepsy themselves and we can’t even begin to understand how terrifying it must be. Ketogenic diets have been used to treat epilepsy and lower seizure rates since its inception in 1924. We are huge fans of the ketogenic diet itself, it is rigorous and difficult to implement at first, but the benefits of a well-maintained ketogenic diet far outweigh the difficulties – and it’s not just for those with epilepsy, look in the low-carb (and soon to be created, ketogenic) section to find out more about it!

Dr. Potter has been working with the Ketogenic diet – as a Registered Dietician – for 7 years. So knows its all and her scientific grounding is great, so listen to her sage advice. The sound quality is less than optimal, but it’s nothing that should put you off such a trove of information.
We love hearing about anyone who changes their life with diet! Treatments for illnesses, weight loss stories and even if it just made you happier, more functional person! We want to hear about them! So tweet at us, or write on our facebook page, with your stories of how you did it!

Ketogenic and low-carb diets are used predominantly for weight-loss and general health improvement like mood stabilising. If you’re worried about the longevity of such a diet, it’s worth reading/watching and listening to those who practice and preach it for general use as it will reassure you that this is a healthy diet to undertake. the absolute reference on a ketogenic diet is this book. However, there are plenty of other pieces of content in our low-carb section.

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