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“Leangains is specifically tailored to fitness and strength training, and for those wanting to get as lean and strong as possible. In comparison to other intermittent fasting based diets much more emphasis is put on proper pre- and post-workout nutrition. There are also specific guidelines with regards to calorie cycling, macro-composition and meal timing.”

Dietopia’s notes

Pretty much heaven for a strength athlete interested in intermittent fasting. The prose is efficient, confident and well researched.
We find ourselves relaying people to this site all the time because it’s a great demonstration of increasing muscle mass while decreasing body-fat percentage. He’s also a fine example of what’s achievable on an intermittent fast.

If you’re looking for more information we’d recommend the The Warrior Diet and The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance to showcase an alternate fasting method and details for using fat as a fuel source respectively.

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