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Ryan Dainton MSc


Carl Haynes (apparently ‘The Naked Chef’ is already taken, so I’ll be ‘The Chef in a Shirt’ instead. I think it’s catchier.)

Our goal is to see the end of preventable metabolic disease like obesity and type II diabetes.

We want to help you make nutritional decisions that will lead you away from disease, and towards vitality.


Why are we doing this?
We live in a world where any type of food is a short walk, a phone-call, or a mouse-click away. It’s a blessing and a curse. The majority of this food is artificially produced and laced with unpronounceable ingredients. Are these foods really nourishing? or are they a product, designed to be sold, regardless of their effects on human health?

We created Simple Nutrition because we want to make a difference in a world where our closest friends and family grow sicker by the day, where children are developing type II diabetes, and where people get breathless taking their bins out. Teaching nutrition is often overlooked or over-complicated, and we plan to change that.

What is metabolic disease?
Metabolic disease, or metabolic syndrome, is a group of conditions unique to recent generations and heavily influenced by modern Westernised diets (1). It’s known to be highly associated with both type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The good news is that it can be reversed, if not prevented, by making the right food choices (2).

Here in the UK, the statistics are staggering. As of 2014, 24-27% of adults in England were obese, 27-32% had high blood pressure and 5.3-7.1% had doctor diagnosed diabetes (3). It is estimated that in 2012, type II diabetes alone cost the NHS more than £10bn (4). It is clear that metabolic disease is very relevant to our nations health, both physically and economically.

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What are we doing about it?
Our philosophy on nutrition is simple; eat whole foods, prepare your own meals, and enjoy both. We believe that education is the key. If you’re reading this, you already have the willpower and desire to better your health. All that’s left is to let us show you how.

All our products are free, as we believe this information should be available to everyone. We are making tools to teach the strong, basic foundations of a healthy diet. These same tools will help you make the important changes to best serve your health, and still have fun in the process.

This is where Dietopia comes in – helping you find highly rated nutritional information.

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