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Dietopia’s notes

We find the self-sufficiency aspect of her channel the most intriguing and commendable. Killing your own animals maybe too far from most and while we think people should be less detached from their food, immediately jumping back to killing your own food might not be the best option. Ease yourself in, with vegetables!


“Hi, I’m Catalina! Welcome to my channel. I love cooking, exercise, and everything related to health and beauty. The Primal diet and lifestyle have changed my life and have inspired me to create this channel to share with you the benefits for health and beauty, and, believe me, there are many.”

“They videos include vlogs of her life, her attitude towards self-sufficiency (which we are highly interested in and supportive of) and her diet & exercise routines. If you’re looking for a construct to apply to your life, use hers, she’s very dedicated and has done all the hard work for you!

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