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The Pescetarian and the Pig


OK, here it goes: My name is Rachel and I’m a sweetaholic. No, seriously. Chocolate gets me weak in the knees, cake makes me blush, and the mere sight of ice cream turns me into a bumbling fool. Beams of light and choirs from the Heavens sing down upon me with the mention of Bananas Foster and I feel empowered to climb the likes of Kilimanjaro just to get a spoonful!

I am also a health nut.

I know I know, the juxtaposition of those two things sounds a little bit crazy, but it’s true! Asparagus gets me dancing, Brussels sprouts make my heart sing, and salmon? Well, watch out because salmon gets me doing backflips all over the house and I don’t even care how much furniture is in the way!

And that’s pretty much what you’re going to find here. All original recipes, sometimes super healthy, and sometimes super decadent, but always tried and true and tasty enough to get your tail wagging. I live a pescetarian lifestyle, which means I eat fish and seafood on top of the basic diet of a lacto-ovo vegetarian. You will find pescetarian, vegetarian, and vegan recipes on here as well.”

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Dietopia’s notes

We had a quick poke around her site and not only is her pig absolutely adorable, but she is very charismatic, writes well and we stumbled over recipe after recipe that looked absolutely delicious. We’ll personally be coming back here regularly to poach some recipes. If you’re looking to cut meat from your diet, then why not try pescetarianism? And why not try it with pictures of cute little piggies?

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