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“The Strength Coach Podcast is the Official Podcast to Michael Boyle’s, the World’s Leading Source of Strength & Conditioning Information. Each episode we will speak to coach Boyle about the latest in Strength & Conditioning, forum hot topics and everything that is happening at including the latest articles, videos and audio content. We will also speak to the folks at Perform Better, the Experts in Functional Training and Rehabilitation. They will keep us up to date on the latest products and equipment, as well as their one-day seminars and Functional Training Summits. Each episode, we will also “Hit the Gym with the Strength Coach.” We talk to a different Strength Coach from the world of Professional and College sports to get an insight into real world strength training. This is the best place to stay informed about the most cutting edge training techniques.”

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Dietopia’s notes

Sports nutrition advice changes so frequently that it can be hard to keep up. Having a weekly update with people on top of their game and other experts means you’re going to stay informed on anything worthwhile that comes through the sports nutrition grapevine. We haven’t heard them personally, but we also haven’t heard anything bad about Michael Boyle or his regimen so let us know what your experience with it is!

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