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“I devote my career to giving people the tools and knowledge they need to adopt a healthy vegan diet and to ensure that they will stay healthy and happy for the long term. I share this information through my blog, my books, and presentations.

I also write and review educational materials for dietitians and other health professionals and have published papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. I’ve co-authored a textbook on vegetarian nutrition and have twice co-authored the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics position paper on Vegetarian Diets.”

Dietopia’s notes

Virginia’s advice is well researched and she is a Registered Dietitian so her qualifications are clear. She focuses on adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle over dogma and ethics of a vegan life which we find refreshing. She strongly recommends supplementing a vegan diet with B12 and DHA/EPA amongst others, this is a key thing to search for in good vegan advice. Too often the lack of these in a vegan diet is ignored and can cause large health problems like neural death and Alzheimer’s (in the case of low DHA).

Two books that accompany her work as a vegan dietitian are Vegan for Her and Vegan for Life. The latter seems more positively regarded, possibly due to the applicable nature of its advice, where Vegan for Her focuses heavily on pregnancy and foetal health.

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