Best Natural Fat Binders Reviewed

Fat binders are a popular weight loss aid for people who even when dieting cannot limit their fat intake. Fat binders are also known as fat blockers because of their ability to block your body from absorbing fat.

Fat binder pills when consumed they are impossible to digest because they adopt a gel-like form that doesn’t allow digestion processes to break down fat and channel it into your bloodstream. Rather, fat binders ensure the fat is engaged and prevented from being used up, it is then discarded through natural bowel movement.

#1 Recommended – Proactol Plus

proactol plus fat binderAmong the fat binders, Proactol is the undoubted #1 choice for it’s ability to block up to 27% of fats from the meals you eat. It’s closest rivals are prescription-based Xenical, and OTC diet pill Alli. The emulators still pop up, but don’t come close to Proactol’s safety and effectiveness.

The product has a limited scope of action which is mainly fat blocking and appetite suppression, but these 2 effects of Proactol Plus are very well achieved.

Proactol Plus is the only supplement that passed over 6 clinical tests, including human studies. It’s been approved by MHRA in the UK, and bears the Medical Device 2 attribution due to non-chemical action it provides to suppress your appetite and block fat.

The brand builds it’s credibility not on massive media attention (however it has a lot), but on actual fat loss results achieved by it’s real users. There are several success stories featured in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, with people losing up to 78 pounds within months using Proactol Plus.

Among the fat blockers it’s our strong champion and #1 suggestion.

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#2 Recommended – Alli

alli tabletsSince Alli flooded the markets in 2008, it generated numeruous success stories, and goofed more pants then any other diet pill in history, due it’s uncomfortable side effects.

Alli is a “1st diet pill, available without prescription” and contains the light dose of Orlistat, clinically proven component that blocks dietary fat and promotes healthy weight loss along with a sensible diet.

It’s predecessor, Xenical, is a prescription medication and is only recommended for obese people (BMI over 30).

Along with a sensible diet and moderate exercising, Alli helps you lose weight by blocking up to 28% of fat from ingestion.

If you’re comfortable with it’s side effects such as oily discharges and bloating (which are likely to happen), you can use it as it’s FDA approved diet pill with proven effect. In the UK you can get Alli online in the biggest online store Pharmacy2U.

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#3 Recommended – XLS Medical

xls fat binder tabletsThe slimming product with a heavy media campaigns and celebrity following. XLS Medical uses a patented Litramine™ complex including the fibre that naturally binds fats in your digestive tract.

So the principle of action is the same, blocking over 27% of fat from ingestion and thus promoting less calories to be stored and more to be burned due to it’s appetite suppressing power.

XLS Medical fat binder claims to be 100% safe and with no side effects directly tied to the product.

As it seems the water retention is connected to Litramine products, XLS can be recommended along Alli and Proactol Plus.

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How fat binders work?

Fat binder supplements contain substances that when in the stomach they attach to consumed fat and form an indigestible type of viscous substance. This results in two things:

  • less fat is absorbed by your body and subsequently less calories,
  • digestion is slowed down, making you feel full for much longer.

The fat binding ingredients that make fat blockers so efficient are Chitosan, Litramine, Opuntia ficus indica and Orlistat to name a few.

Fat Binders In a Nutshell


  • Effective for people who even when dieting consume substantial amounts of fat
  • Effective for long-term, gradual weight loss
  • Contribute to mild appetite suppression, which further aids one’s weight loss efforts
  • Works for people prone to eating fat-rich food
  • Combined with healthy dieting and exercising fat binders can boost weight loss up to three times more.
  • Fat binders such as Proactol are clinically proven to block up to 28% of fat


  • Unpleasant side effects for people not following their diet diligently or overindulging to fat-rich foods
  • Not all fat binders contain natural fat-binding compounds, some contain synthetic fat binding patented compounds who pose health risks
  • Certain fat binders are overprices, costing over $3 per day
  • Some people tend to overeat because they feel the supplement would just prevent all fat absorption.
  • Certain fat binders are only suitable for overweight-to-obese people (BMI >28), leaving a vast majority excluded.
  • Some fat binders induce bloating, flatulence and more frequent bowel movement or oily leakage
  • Along with fat, certain fat binders also prevent B12 absorption, which might lead to other conditions.

Our verdict

Fat binders is a great weight loss solution for those who cannot deprive themselves of fatty foods once in a while. Proactol seems to be the most efficient of all reviewed fat binders, because of:

  • No known side effects
  • Clinically tested for efficiency
  • Suppresses appetite and reduces hunger cravings
  • Lowers cholesterol levels and CVD risk
  • Natural, 100% organic supplement
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Robust, confirmed weight loss claims by the research community
  • Sustained, substantial weight loss, promoting 1-2.5 lbs weight loss per week
  • Medical community approved

Many other fat binders (XLS Medical, Alli, Lipobind) are efficient, but a few have been stigmatized because of the unpleasant side effects associated with them.

Proactol has been rigorously tested and thousands of dieters who’ve used it testify to its efficiency and safety of use.

Choosing the right fat binder for your circumstances

Each fat binder supplement has its own perks and weaknesses, a careful consideration of the benefits and disadvantages of each fat binder will help you choose the one most likely to integrate well with your lifestyle and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The leading fat binder in the UK (as well as across the Europe and in the USA) is Proactol Plus. Since being presented on the market in 2007, this natural fat blocker still remains unbeatable by the sheer amount of customer success stories and clinical investigations behind it.

Proactol Plus is the only fat binder available without prescription, that is MHRA certified and fully adhering to European legislation for dietary supplements.

By taking Proactol Plus, you prevent up to 27% of fats from being ingested by your body, which results in extra 297 calories cut from daily intake.

It also acts as a powerful appetite suppressant, by forming the viscious solution inside your stomach, that makes you feel full.

Based on the real positive feedback from ordinary people rather than on media hype, Proactol Plus is our #1 recommendation among the natural fat binders.

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